The group

The group

Who we are

Born in 1968 from an idea of Antonio Migliasso, the engineer and former director of the Olivetti Project Office, SERTEC has its roots in the glorious industrial history of Ivrea and Olivetti. Over the years, SERTEC has thus collaborated with the most prestigious brands of international architecture, playing a fundamental role in the design of structures and new buildings in Italy and worldwide.

Thanks to the decades of experience and to the wide internal  articulation and to a team of italian specialists of first order, today SERTEC, with its 3 companies – Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l. (Co. Ltd.), Sertec Facility Management s.r.l. (Co. Ltd.) and Sertec Engineering France s.a.r.l. (Co. Ltd) – , offers to private and public clients an extremely diversified range of services, covering every aspect of the whole construction process: from design, to calculations, to construction management in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, plumbing, plant engineering, geotechnics, environmental aspects, renewable energy, up to the delicate sector of the  facility management.

Sertec’s numbers

SERTEC ENGINEERING CONSULTING s.r.l. (Co. Ltd.) offers a complete and integrated set of services to face up organically to all stages of development of a work. Today like  yesterday Sertec deals with the concept, of feasibility studies, surveying, design, construction management, safety as a whole, site assistance, testing and accounting.

SERTEC ENGINEERING FRANCE s.a.r.l. (Co. Ltd.) based in Roquebrune Cap Martin (FR), not far from the Principality of Monaco, is the first important step of the SERTEC group in the attempt to reach an international dimension and open up to new markets, exploiting the great international attraction that the Principality of Monaco has always exercised.

SERTEC ENGINEERING FRANCE provides multidisciplinary services covering a wide range of specialties for the development of any type of building project, from the design concept to the construction management.

SERTEC FACILITY MANAGEMENT s.r.l.(Co. Ltd.), the last company born in “Sertec house”, aims to give continuity to the construction process or recovery of a building, entrusting it, once the testing phase is finished, in the hands of plant and service management specialists.

The history of the group

The large window –a real transparent wall of our new headquarters– every day provides a natural light for everyone, the most beautiful light, a light that accompanies us like a caress while we are designing, drawing, calculating, discussing.

We always operate by taking a look at the sky, at the seasonal colour of the plants surrounding the area, or the farthest profile of the Serra (a morainic hill) while those who visit our goup can see us immediately, even before entering, bent to work at our tables or in the act of climbing and descending the large open staircase that unites the two overlapping environments: the upper floor, with the management, the administrative office and the meeting room; the lower floor, where you plan or spend a few minutes at the coffee machine.

We want to tell our story here, the story of Sertec, with the same transparency and, why not, with a sort of pride that will inevitably register memories, values, hopes, words. A story that reaches fifty years can only release, if it is painted, a wide spectrum of colours. We will call them all at our aid.

The group


Gianluca ODETTO, PhD Engineer

CTO Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l.

Domenico GABRIELE, Engineer

CEO Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l. CEO Sertec Engineering France s.a.r.l.

Lorenzo VIGNONO, Engineer

Project Manager, Area Edile CTO Sertec Engineering France s.a.r.l.

Paolo CAMBULI, PhD Geologist

Project Manager, Geologia e Geotecnica

Gabriele ZAPPALÀ, Engineer

Project Manager, Area Impianti CEO Sertec Facility Management s.r.l.

Anyone who comes to visit us is usually struck by two things: first of all we are really many people, there are mostly young men and women and, secondly, the large space in which we work is crossed by an almost uninterrupted silence. Without realizing it, we have become accustomed to speak in a low voice in order not to remove the concentration to the next.
As the local culture dictates we tend to take our craft seriously, we forge it day after day with tireless passion, yet never without irony, without a glance or a joke suddenly bring among us the comfort of ancient and popular measures.

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