Sertec Facility Management

Sertec Facility Management is the latest company that was born in “Sertec’s house” at the beginning of 2017.

Its main purpose is to give continuity to the construction or renovation process of a building, entrusting it, once the testing phase is over, to specialists in the management and operation of facilities and services.

The Sertec Facility Management team consists of specialized technicians– Engineers, Architects, Geologists and Surveyors – who transversally work on every possible design, maintenance or management issue. They are high-level professionals who put their ‘Know-How’ at the client’s disposal, coordinating with each other and with installers and maintainers in order to offer a model of exellence in each field.


Broad internal sectorialisation

Internal professionals

50 specialized technicians

Technological solutions

Customer-oriented solutions

4Optimization of maintenance and reporting processes

TAG NFC Technology


Nowadays there are more and more realities that tend to concentrate and focus on their “core business”, delegating everything that surrounds it, but which represents an important part of the complex technical and economic management of a company. While in the context of an F.M. company the “engineering” aspect is usually marginal, our company follows a different point of view. In our view, the F.M. sector is a component of a more complex mechanism consisting of a range of engineering services that the Group offers to its customers. Our orientation gives us the opportunity to constantly have at our disposal a high level of expertise, to be able to manage everything within the complex regulatory and legislative maze, to be faster and more efficient.