11 Dec


We congratulate our engineer @Daniele Koetting who won the award “MODEST MODEL COMPETITION with the project of the “New Production Plant on behalf of OSAI Automation System SPA @osai, that will be built in the municipality of Samone. (Turin)”.


The building is going to be realized with a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure, with the exception of the stairwells, the lift shafts and the foundations. The foundation system is characterized by plinths on piles connected by a slab and foundation beams. The floors of the building will be made by means of TT tiles. Taking into account the large surface area of the building, a structural joint will be made.

Method and calculation code:  Master-Slave Method and structural analysis of the type Linear Dynamic Seismic Analysis

Non dissipative structural behaviour with a behaviour factor q of 1,50, as stipulated in the section 7.3.1 of NTC 2018.

Basic Model: Rhinoceros (no BIM software)

Plug-in for BIM interoperability: VisualARQ

BIM Software: ModeSt to perform the structural analysis of the building.

Dimensioning structural elements: ModeSt version 8.26, produced by Tecnisoft Harpaceas, implementing a linear dynamic seismic analysis.


Client: Osai Automation System

Dimension: 3.800 sqm

Architectural design: Sertec

Structural Project: Sertec

MEP Project: Sertec


We thank @Harpaceas Srl (Ltd.) for holding the competition and for giving us the opportunity to publish our project as Case Study.


More:  Harpaceas, Harpaceas Canale Youtube