Vineyard “La Piagne”, Morgex (AO)

15 Jan
vigneto morgex
CATEGORY Environment and territory
TIPOLOGY Soil Bioengineering
PROJECT Vineyard “La Piagne”
CONTRACTOR Municipality of Morgex
PLACE Morgex (AO)
year 2019-2020
SURFACE About 2400 s mq
STATUS completed

The wine known as “Vallée d’Aoste Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle”is a wine that stands out from all other wines. It is produced in the shadow of the imposing Mont Blanc. Its grapes are grown at the highest altitudes on the continent and for this reason it received the appellation of “Europe’s highest wine”.

These vines are grown on very low arbors, they are supported by wooden poles or monolithic rocks in order to prevent winter and wind frost damages. The very stony soil allows them to store heat during the day and release it at night. In addition, thanks to the temperatures and dryness of the air, Prié Blanc proves to be very resistant to diseases. It was even resistant to phylloxera, a dreadful insect native to North America that destroyed most of the European vineyards in the late 1800s. The vineyards are nestled at the foot of Mont Blanc and from the peaks on which they grow, they absorb all the unmistakable aroma of the mountain herbs that also distinguish the wine made from them.1

The Municipality of Morgex has charged Sertec Engineering Consulting with the project of Extraordinary maintenance and safety of the vineyard known as “La Piagne” within the Interregional program V-A Alcotra 2014/2020. The works involve the recovery and integration of the existing stone pillars, the laying of new monolithic stone and chestnut pillars, the placement of a new pergola to replace the existing one. The terraces will be secured by placing a continuous lifeline in each row. Then the maintenance of the area will be completed with the installation of new fences and the arrangement of the road and the access bridge to the vineyard.

1 Autilio, Eleonora – Nexta. “Il bianco più alto d’Europa viene da Morgex”. La Stampa, 21 ago 2013.