“Loranzè, Sertec’s golden year. And now more new engineers are needed”

14 Jan

“Loranzè, Sertec’s golden year. And now more new engineers are needed”

2021 was a year of growth for Loranzè-based  Sertec Engineering and for 2022, it is relaunching by looking for new staff. The company is specialized in technical and calculation services in the field of architecture and civil, plant and environmental engineering. Founded in 1968, it now operates throughout Italy and follows transalpine orders with a French affiliate office.

Domenico Gabriele, Engineer and sole Director of Sertec, says: «Despite the health crisis, 2020 was a year of growth for us, a growth that continued in 2021, which will end with a global group turnover estimated at around 3 million, an increase of about 38% in the last three years. At the end of 2020 we also decided to purchase premises in the same building of our offices both in order to have more space that would allow us to work safely, following the Covid’s protocols, and to be able to grow our sectors dedicated to architecture and the tender office».

The renovation of the new offices was completed in March 2022. In addition to new workstations, included in an open space, the premises give accomodation to the new reception, two meeting rooms and some ancillary rooms. Now these new premises will also be useful to accomodate new professionals: «The new activities that we have started and the activities that are starting need new talents to be integrated into our structure – Gabriele explains -. We follow a modular and multidisciplinary philosophy: both the different design areas and, I would say above all, the people working together to achieve the best result. Ours works are, above all, choral works in which different professional skills interact».

At the present time Sertec Engineering is mainly looking for electrical engineers for plant design.” However, we gladly receive and analyze curricula from the various engineering and architecture specialties: just send your CV to info@sertecengineering. com”, Sertec points out.

Today more than 50 people, including partners and collaborators, work for Sertec Engineering. Among these people 80 % are from Canavese, «but, we can proudly say that we are able to attract professionals who come from other parts of Italy ».

In the recent years the company has turned its attention to various “green” projects mainly related to bicycle mobility: in June 2020, a construction site was opened at Imperia to convert the former railway into a 9-kilometer bicycle and pedestrian path, while another project is underway in Sardinia with three new routes.

In Piedmont, specifically in Collegno and Rivoli, the work related to the new Line 1 of the Metropolitan Bicycle Service (SCM, Servizio Ciclabile Metropolitano) is nearing completion. In addition four projects are underway in Turin for as many bicycle routes connecting the Capital and various Municipalities in the hinterland.  The latest milestone achieved in this field is represented by the awarding of the “Italia City Branding” for Verbania for the design and construction management of the bicycle path that will connect the city to the lake.

At present Sertec has 540 active projects, of which 290 are on the territory of Canavese.

Sertec Engineering has completed the renovation of the municipal offices in Canavese, at Lessolo and it is building the new oncology research center at Bioindustry Park.

«Our bond with the territory has never failed since our foundation – Gabriele points out –. In addition to the construction sites and designs requested by public and private organizations of Canavese, we are always available to be partners in funded projects and also for site inspections and feasability studies. These “consultancies” do not always turn into acticities for a fee, but if a Mayor, or an administrator, calls us for an advice, we never back down: we know how much our company, in terms of history and culture owes to the territory and we consider it a pleasure to be able to return something in terms of competence and innovation».

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