RSA Chiappeto, Genoa

14 Jan
CATEGORY Architecture
TIPOLOGY Healthcare
CLIENT Immobiliare Chiappeto s.r.l. - Gruppo Orpea
PLACE Genoa (GE)
YEAR 2014-2017
S MQ 13.318
STATUS completed

The aim of the project was to complete the work of transforming the former Minor Seminary of Chiappeto into an elderly housing facility. At the moment the building houses on the third floor an RSA (Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale), that is a Health Care Residence with a rehabilitation center and a facility for the care of Alzheimers’s patients. The area  in which the building is located is the most upstream part of Genoa’s San Martino District, at the foothills of Mount Ratti. Here there was a convent of Reformed already in the 16th century. It was closed in 1810 as a result of the Napoleonic laws suppressing religious orders and passed into the ownership of the Archdiocese of Genoa that established there the seat of the Minor Seminary, closed in the second half of the twientieth century. The building is located ina hilly position overlooking the city of Genoa and from there you can enjoy a magnificent sea view. It is surrounded by a large green area that the project reclaimed and enhanced by creating different types of gardens used for recovery and guest care. The structure that was the subject of the intervention is arranged on several staggered floors and the project included a great work of restoration, re-functionalization and plant adjustment of the spaces with particular attention to the preservation of the elements of great architectural value with the ultimate purpose to create  a high-level 100-bed health facility, able to offer to its guests comfort, well-being, welcoming  and refined environments, respecting and enhancing the architectural and landscape context. The work was carried out in collaboration with PFTV architetti (PFTV architects), for architectural design. Generale Work Director: Paola Tagliabue.