Punta Helbronner Skyway Monte Bianco (Mount Blanc)

15 Jan
CATEGORY Architecture Environment and Territory
Tourism Naturalistic Engineering / Soil Bioengineering
PROJECT Punta Helbronner Skyway Monte Bianco (Mount Blanc)
CLIENT Consorzio Cordée Mont Blanc (Cordée Mont Blanc Consortium)
PLACE Courmayeur (AO)
YEAR 2012
STATUS completed

As part of the construction of the new “Skyway” cableway complex in Courmayeur, about 3,500 metres above sea level, among the perennial glaciers of Mont Blanc, the company was involved in the execution phase of the design of the reinforced concrete relief well and of the calculations of scaffolding for custom-made safety, cantiliver, of the arrival station, the wonderful PUNTA Helbronner.

An extreme engineering challenge, a job under prohibitive conditions brought to fruition, carried out with no mishaps and no injuries.