Adventure Park La Turna, Montestrutto (Turin)

15 Jan
CATEGORY Environment and TerritoryAmbiente, Tertiary sector
TIPOLOGY Tourism, Soil Bioengineering, Geotechnical engineering
PROJECT Adventure Park La Turna, Montestrutto (Turin)
CLIENT Vertical Rock
PLACE Montestrutto (TO)
YEAR 2014-2015 / 2019
STATUS Completed

Since the years ‘70s the walls of Montestrutto had attracted the attention of climbers: in fact ,some routes climbed artificially with the means available for that time and with considerable daring by local climbers date back to those years. During the ‘80s they were still frequented mainly in bouldering optic, the first “spit” shots were also bolted but for several reasons in the following years the attendance died. Today the crag of Montestrutto is in a beautiful area where there are a large green lawn and a beautiful chestnut grove surrounding the rocks.

Thanks to the initiative of the Municipality of Settimo Vittone and the “XL MOUNTAIN” sports shop. The idea arose to equip the routes in order to create a modern sports climbing gym. So in 2009 with the work of some local volunteers and alpine guides the Gran Paradiso Canavese project took its shape.

The Adventure Park was established in 2014, next to La Turna Sports Area and it retains the same name as this area.

The park is located within an oak forest and is anchored axclusively on rock, following the UNI EN 15567-1 E 2 standards and using the kong system of continuous lifeline

There are two routes of various difficulties:

  • GREEN ROUTEfor adults and children; it develops in 300 m with 10 aerial games.
  • BLUE ROUTE for children from 6 years of age upwards and adults; it develops in 900 mt with 17 aerial games.

Sertec was in charge of the design and construction management of both the first 3 paths realized in 2014-2015 and the next 2 paths realized in 2019 that now make up the adventure park.

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