“Italia City Branding 2020–Intermodal and integrated Sustainable Mobility System” in the Municipality of Verbania

04 Nov

“Italia City Branding 2020–Intermodal and integrated  Sustainable Mobility System” in the Municipality of Verbania


Sertec Engineering Consulting srl (Ltd.Co) was awarded the assignment for final and executive design and construction management, including safety coordination during the design and execution phases, of the interventions of “Italia City Branding 2020 – Intermodal and integrated Mobility System” in the Municipality of Verbania.

The aim of the project is to stich the city with the Lake, connecting Verbania and the highly fragmented lake. The bike path will become the thread with which to stich together the area on different levels. FirsT of all, the project will restore the three city cores of Intra, Pallanza and Suna. It twill make it possible to return the lake to the community by making it more accessible and usable, not only for tourist users but also for commuters.

Sertec will design a single bicycle network that connects the individual regeneration interventions already started or proposed by the Municipality with a view to the unity of the project and of the city.

Sertec will then propose the realization of a design of the whole network that connects the individual fragments and generates also a connection with the Center of the new Municipality of Verbania and the historical centers of the hamlets and suburbs.

The connection of the bicycle network from the lakefront to the hinterland will allow a redevelopment of the suburbs, with a view to aggregation and social integration.


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