Green Line in the Municipality of Imperia

15 Jan
CATEGORY Environment and Territory
TIPOLOGY Soil Bioengineering
PROJECT Green Line in the Municipality of Imperia
CLIENT Comune di Imperia
PLACE Imperia (IM)
YEAR 2019 - in progress
LENGTH 10 km
STATUS in progress

The Municipality of Imperia has entrusted the direction of the works intended to change the city’s face to the temporary association of companies headed by Sertec Engineering Consulting srl (Ltd.Co). The company Manelli Impresa srl (Ltd.Co) is going to carry out the work known as “GREEN LINE”- Reconversion of the former railway into a bicycle and pedestrian path. This company reached the first place in the European tender of 16 million 300 thousand euros, financed thanks to the Bando Periferie.

The operation represents a great opportunity for the city, an incentive to the reactivation of the process of urban fusion of the constituent cores of Imperia prefiguring, through the delation of the railway intrerruption and the subsequent recovery of prestigious areas, the mending of non-communicating areas, the reconstruction of the continuity of linear infrastructures and the enhancement of suburban areas within the city.

The project has been drawn up in agreement with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI),that is the Italian Railway Network, the owner of the decommissioned railroad areas. It has gathered various development perspectives that give hope for the activation of a virtuous circuit able to extend over the territory the benefits of the integrated project in terms of economic financial, employment, social and urban planning.

The planned bicycle and pedestrian path represents the continuation of the section already built on former railway site of the 24-kilometer-long “West Liguria bicycle path” between Ospedaletti and San Lorenzo al Mare.


The main features of the new bicycle and pedestrian path that are going to connect the municipality of San Lorenzo al Mare to the former Capo Berta railway tunnel, in Diano Marina, giving great views of the waterfront and the urban context are as follows.

– length: 7 kilometers

– width: 6 meters

– maximum slope: 10% (in two very modest ramp sections)


The construction site for the conversion of the former Imperia’s railway into a pedestrian and bicycle track was inaugurated on 8th June, 2020 in the presence of the Mayor of Imperia, Claudio Scajola, and the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, Paola De Micheli.

Works in progress.

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