Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

23 Dec

Since 1968 until today we have changed a lot: another location, new faces and innovative projects. What has remained unchanged?

Our Values and Principles:

Seriousness, Experience, Responsability, Transparency, Heterogeneity, Awareness.

2021 was a year of growth.

After the hard trials we underwent in 2020, 2021 was a year of strength and achievement. We have grown and we are working to improve and continue our growth.

In order to celebrate Christmas and close the year 2021 with a message of optimism and gratitude, our firm wants to pay tribute to collaborators and clients through this symbolic letter of solidarity. A confident message of resilience in support of various humanitarian initiatives, of a voluntary nature, which, during this year and the previous ones, have followed one another in a virtuous chain that has united us in the solidarity and hope that drives us towards a better future.

With the share that each year Sertec allocates  to corporate Christmas gifts, this time it has chosen to make a small contribution to the following associations: Piccoli Passi Onlus TorinoFondazione Ricerca MolinetteFondazione Ricerca MolinetteLILT BiellaAssociazione Casa Insieme SaleranoARPA onlusFondazione Ospedale MeyerFondazione Ruffini onlusAssociazione a Braccia Aperte con MariaLa Forza di un Sorriso.

May these holidays give us hope and new dreams to chase. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!