Our services



The way we work sets us part. It must differentiate us. We know that real estate services and infrastructures are essential. They impact people. They impact our customers’ business.

Services to the building

  • Acquisition and disposal of the spaces
  • Project & Engineering
  • “Turnkey” offices
  • Utility management
  • Energy efficiency
  • BIM Methodology
  • General Services

Plant operation and maintenance

  • Electrical systems
  • Special systems
  • BMS and home automation systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Elevator systems
  • Automations

Services to people

  • Cleaning
  • Mail
  • Green
  • Gatehouse
  • Restaurant & cafeteria
  • Security & surveillance)
  • Stationery
  • Classroom & video conference management
  • Porterage
  • Car fleet
  • Waste management

TAG NFC Technology

The control over the supplier is carried out through the use of an innovative system of management and checking routine maintenanc that SERTEC F.M. has developed in close collaboration with a leading Software House of Milan. The above-mentioned programme is a System that works with NFC technology and provides for the positioning of electronic labels on each plant managed by the conductor-maintenance technician. The TAG interfaces with the maintainer’s palmtop/mobile phone through a specific App protected by very strict credentials. For each maintenance intervention, or simply visual inspection as provided in the Maintenance Specifications, the Maintainance technician is obliged to open the technical/graphical pages associated with the system, inspect what is foreseen for that specific intervention and, after the “physical” operations carried out on the bord of the system, certify the intervention according to a special and fast procedure.

The data concerning the intervention (start and end times, autograph attestation of the operation provided for the Specifications, any notes, photographs and/or comments and/or proposals for improvement or repair) are immediately transferred to a Data Base managed only by an external Company that prevents in any way the manipulation of the data ensuring an absolute impartiality in case of dispute. The SW processes a conspicuous series of easy-to-read reports with performance indicators expressed in a graphical form chosen by the customer (Semaphore- Graphic, etc…) so that  everything can be under control for the correct interpretation of the data, such as, for example, the delays in the execution of the maintenance. If it is necessary, the SW also provides to warn in advance about the approaching deadline for the next routine maintenance work on the specific plant. The notification is given by e-mail, by sending “alerts” or other informations.