Paolo CAMBULI, PhD Geologist

Paolo CAMBULI, PhD Geologist
Project Manager, Geology e Geotechnics

Paolo Cambuli was born in Nurallao on 9th april1977.
He graduated in 2003 in Geological Sciences Department of Sciences MM.FF.NN. (Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences) at the University of Cagliari

In 2008 he obtained a PhD in Soil Protection, Environmental Vulnerability and Hydrogeological Protection from the University of Cagliari Department of Geological Sciences.

Since 2012 he has collaborated for Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l. (Co.Ltd.) where he has been concerned with: evaluation of wind and geotechnical aspects of the projects involved in stone quarries, geomechanical survey  and characterization of rock masses, drafting of geological and geotechnical reports on civil and industrial buidings. He also holds the position of Technical Manager for Geological Aspects at service conferences related to projects of renewal of existing authorizations projects in the VIA­-VAS.

Since 2018 he has been Project Manager of Geology.
In May 2018 he became a member of Sertec and Hydrogeos.