Gianluca ODETTO, PhD Engineer

Gianluca ODETTO, PhD Engineer
CTO Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l.

Gianluca Odetto was born in Turin on 31st august 1969.
He graduated in 1995 in Civil Engineering with Geotechnical address Department of Georesources and Earth Sciences at the Politecnico of Turin.
In 2000 he obtained the title of PhD in Environmental Geoengineering at the Politecnico of Turin. Department of Georesources and Earth Sciences.
In 1997 he founded the associate technical study Hydrogeos and in 2001 he became a partner of company Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l. ( Co.Ltd.) where  he still coordinates the field of the Geotechnical, Geomechanics, Mining and Environmental Engineering, dealing with management and land use issues. He also coordinates the Plant Engineering sector in the Thermotechnical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Fire Protection branches/sectors/areas. In these areas he is a designer and Director of works.

Since January 2015 he has been the Technical Director for Sertec Engineering Consulting s.r.l. (Co.Ltd.)