11 Dec
gran masun

INAUGURATION time in Sertec.

Since the winning of the competition in 2018, in order to realize a Carema Wine enhancement Center within the fortified house called “Gran Masun”, on Sunday 3 July the opening of the Wine Museum.

The museum tour unfolds inside the “Gran Masun” through 4 different scenarios each of which tells the story of Carema Wine from historical notes to the present day with the description of the techniques used in order to obtain the wine from grape musts.


Client: Municipality of Carema

Partnership: Interreg, Città Metropolitana di Torino, Metropolitan City of Turin

Function: Museum

Project: Sertec

Multimedia Project: Sertec

Movie director: Federico Basso | Toontaun

Realization of multimedia systems: Musiquarium srl

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